Created in 2016, the brand FEDERICA LANARI embodies the spirit of the Italian excellence, defined by the personal style of the designer .
FEDERICA LANARI dresses women in light silhouettes and encourage them to wear the most sophisticated looks with natural nonchalance. A rich offer of blouses, tops and soft dresses gives FEDERICA LANARI collections an immediate sense of contemporary that translates into soft and extremely feminine shapes .


A lover of prints and noble materials, Federica Lanari graduated in Contemporary Art and Fashion Design in London Marangoni Institute and started working on her own collection while carrying on punctual collaborations with small to medium fashion companies that reinforced her personal predilection for easy separates, in particular dresses and blouses. With a shrewd approach to merchandising, Federica Lanari builts her collections keeping in mind the final destination: a store corner and the customer’s wardrobe. Each item is versatile enough to stand next to any luxury or high-end piece but with an identity such as giving any look just the right twist. Federica Lanari currently lives and works in Bologna .